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Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory
Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory Sales Star Inventory

The Sales Star Inventory (SSI) was created by Raymond Phoon and introduced in his book, “The DNA of a Sales Superstar”, 2009; which was clinically adapted from the Directive Communication Psychology Colored Brain Communication Inventory by Arthur F Carmazzi.


The Colored Brain Model is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi, and depicted in his original Book “Identity Intelligence”, Veritas Publishing, 2002. That was the beginning of SSI version 1.0 which provided the original sales insights from a sales professional’s disposition range (selling perspective).


SSI, currently in its third edition, is available for both online & offline administration. SSI 3.0 includes insights related to behavioral traits, sales personality types, sales competencies ( 16 sets ), motivational drive ( with over 40 different values measured ), and job fit matching.


SSI is currently Asia’s only comprehensive level A & B psychometric profiling and assessment tool for sales and customer-facing professionals that provides invaluable insight, to empower organizations and professionals in the area of both Selection and Development. Additional optional tools include candidate selection matcher, industry bench-marker, development needs analyzer, as well our customized management system for corporate use.

SSI Advantage at A Glance

Asia's fastest growing tool

Available on
6 languages

Used in over
17 countries

Offered in SSI Certification (endorsed by American Institute of Business Psychology)

Recommended by HR, sales managers, sales professionals & sales consulting experts

+ aptitude
+ motivational
values all-in-one

Validated against sizable sample size across Asia & Middle East

Sales scenario-specific tool (surface validity, construct validity
& criterion validity)

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