What is True Success?

Raymond Phoon, Founder

May 10, 2020

How you define success is the first step to everlasting Greatness? What comes to your mind, when you think of the word “Success”? 

Success. It’s such a subjective and elusive word. The definition of success varies from one person to the next. It depends on your experiences, values, and beliefs. So what really defines success?

Who would you choose as your mentor or role model?

For those in business or corporate, do images of Bills Gates, Steve Jobs, or Warren Buffet come to mind? For those who are keen on sports, do you think of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or Usain Bolt?

For those who honor humanitarians, do Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr. come to mind? For those who are inspired by motivational icons, do Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, or Zig Ziglar form your mental picture?

Regardless of whomever we choose, the bottom line is that we tend to give our attention and respect to the ones who either have had the astute and keen eye for creating extraordinary business wealth, reached “super-human” standards by breaking the limits of athleticism, or had overcome great adversity to eventually make a huge impact on mankind.

Though there can be many interpretations of what true success really means, I have chosen to consolidate the following ABCs of Success as the definitive meaning and focal premise; which also provides the ultimate guiding principles to building a life of everlasting legacy and greatness.

“If we truly want to live a life of greatness, making the ABCs of Success a habitual lifestyle will help you get there quicker.”

“A” stands for:

Having the ability to bring change to oneself or others & the circumstances that they may be in. This goes beyond the financial capability and challenges one to look at the level of influence and impact that one has in their daily engagements.

“B” means:

 Believing in the best of others–choosing to see the positive instead of the negative in others. Looking at their strengths instead of their weaknesses. Seeing others from their “good” side, rather than their “bad” side helps us focus on energizing others for growth instead of destruction.

“C” equals to focus on:

 Creating value adds in every situation we that are engaged in or people that we meet. Value add means helping others achieve more than what they had before, knowing more than what they knew before, enriched even more than before. This means you are choosing to be the “cause” of things (the reason for) rather than the effect of things. 

Make your definition of what true success means to you by:

  1. Visualizing what it means to you and how it looks like when you achieve it.
  2. Writing a descriptive and illustrated view of “True Success”. This will help you prepare the platform for execution.
  3. Stating the opportunities and scenarios that you want to apply the Success ABCs and add value. Unless you are clearly describing the scenarios, the people who will be involved in it, as well the key elements of the applicable situation, you will miss most of the opportunities that come your way; most of them, possibly disguised as “problems” or “none-of-my-business” situations.
  4. Remember to record every opportunity that you successfully add value and applied the Success ABCs with. Everything small victory you record will empower you to push further towards your path to everlasting legacy and greatness.

Success doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a journey. It takes time, blood, sweat, tears, and effort. It has its ups and downs, but achieving true success is possible. 

And with that, we’ll arrive at our next month’s topic: Passion. We’ll discuss how things cannot be accomplished without passion, how to harness the fire that comes from passion, and how to maintain it. 

Now, take action. Make your definition of what true success means to you. Get the clarity on what you want to create for your business, your personal development, and your long term goals.