How to Stay Connected with Your Customers in the New Normal

Raymond Phoon, Founder

August 26, 2020

Top 10 sales tips for the new normal

2020. What a year it has been so far.

Lots of businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals started the year with great expectations and for many of them, even with the potential positive momentum carried forward from the previous year.

But little did we know, how far reaching the impact of COVID and the repercussions it created throughout the world. As the world tops 23 millions cases, the end does not seem likely in sight anytime soon.

Most are overwhelmed with the challenges of the current times. This in turn has affected people’s investment appetite and the way they make decisions about how they engage with vendors and buy.

This week, I will be sharing tip # 1 of a 10 part series on how we can stay on top of our game, add value to our clients, and still win in the New Normal.

Sales Tip # 1: Stay Connected with Your Customers


“Having great rapport and great relationships with our clients is a huge part of winning deals. The fact of the matter is clients buy from those they trust, respect and feel consistently satisfied with.”

However, customers today, want more than that.

Studies show that while they want great engagement with vendors or consultants, they want it without the pressure and feeling of privacy invasion or space. In short, they like a balanced engagement. Enough to keep them aligned and in the loop, but not overbearing.

Find active and interesting subjects as reasons to stay engaged with your clients.

Topics could include :

  • Current non-business topics that might be of interest to the client
  • Current happenings that might affect their business
  • Events, take-overs, potential mergers that might present fresh opportunities
  • Follow up to a previous/existing project
  • Change in the customer’s profile/lifestyle/business that might warrant a need to review things
  • New product/upcoming service
  • Insights about their investment
  • Market trends and news about their community or competitor
  • Your survey insights
  • A success story to share
Sales People

A good way to stay connected is to use a variety of communication tools. Use emails, chat tools, phone calls, social media, etc. Mix it up to keep things fresh.

In Marketing, organizations use an omnichannel approach to create awareness, extend the touchpoint, and make their points stick.

As sales consultants, we can also leverage on the same principle and maintain a healthy and active relationship with your client.

Remember, when you are out of their sight, you are out of their mind. So, stay connected with your clients!

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