Selling with Passion & Power

Rational & Overview

What is the one thing that can make all the difference in selling? You have an excellent product, a responsive territory and a great marketing campaign, but, without this key ingredient, you are unlikely to make the sale. The missing ingredient is passion.

It is often passion that compels a salesperson to communicate, with total conviction and belief, the specific attributes of their product. It is passion that allows a salesperson to really care and listen to the concerns of their customers. It is passion that allows any challenge or hurdle, to be overcome.

This old adage is certainly true of selling – “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

Think about it – when a customer notices someone looking and sounding excited when discussing a product, the unconscious mind is saying, “There must be something in this. Why would someone be so passionate about something that wasn’t good?” The unconscious mind is a powerful force and will often make a decision long before the conscious mind has taken in all the logical information to support such a decision.

Selling is all about passion, believing 150% in what you’re offering, and demonstrating that in every way and at every occasion. When you fail to whole-heartedly believe in what you’re selling, there’s no way you’ll be successful long-term. Add to the mix the uncertainty of the economy and it becomes essential for people to be passionate.

You will learn how to bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to the job of selling. Selling with Passion & Power will motivate your sales people – and more importantly, it will give you or your salespeople a solid foundation to succeed.

Why is Selling with Passion & Power Workshop important to Your Success?

  • Competition is fierce
  • More competition than ever in today’s marketplace
  • There are too many products and services available
  • Buyers are constantly being replaced
  • The competition is getting smarter
  • Customers are more informed and misinformed at the same time
  • It’s harder to get to decision makers
  • Technology too often replaces face-to-face with customers
  • Customers are overworked, overwhelmed and skeptical
  • Salespeople are frustrated, lethargic and de-motivated

Objectives & Outcome

At the end of the program, participants will be able learn :

  • Steps to staying motivated and focused.
  • Quick techniques you can implement right away to close sales now!
  • Tips to improving your closing ratio.
  • Proven ideas to build your sales pipeline.
  • Mastering the art of maximizing your profit.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to get achieve bottom-line results.

This will be a two-day program of empowering, motivating and transformational sales development for participants.