Sales Speak

Learning the Secrets of Winning Sales Presentations


When was the last time any sales presentation actually had lasting impact on you? Did it create in you an influential urge to take some positive action? Or did it give a lasting negative impression of the presenter and the offering? Do you know that research has shown that an effective sales presentation can increase your chance of winning business and overtaking your competitor by over 300%?

The presentation is the moment of truth – the key to assessing our credibility, commitment, integrity, enthusiasm and knowledge. Superior presentation skills can make all the difference in getting decisions to go our way and to being perceived as a competent communicator and professional. You will learn and master the art of sales presentation, tapping on the dynamic and results-proven principles of The Sales Psychologist and stop delivering sub-standard sales presentations, that destroy your credibility, business opportunities and relationships. The journey taken in this workshop will bring you through key milestones of powerful principles to enjoying quicker results, delivering action-driven presentations, more business and greater confidence in your everyday endeavors.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Marketing Professionals, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell products, services, ideas, opinions directly or indirectly to win more customers, business and credibility.


Two days of interactive, hands-on workshop with personalized coaching and video-taped sessions. We offer both public and in-house workshops.