DNA Sales Boot Camp

Sales Transformation Boot Camp

Experience The Most Powerful Three Days of Your Sales Career!

This life-transforming experience will change a sales professional’s life forever. The Sales Psychologist will spend three solid days, dedicated to inspiring and coaching up to 20 qualified delegates to identify, improve, harness their Sales Persona; sharpen their Selling Skills and reinvent their sales approach essential for a life time of guaranteed sales success, in a gateway resort located an exotic island.

Take an inspiring trip with The Sales Psychologist and experience a total Sales Transformation makeover that will re-define your Sales Identity, harness your natural talents, develop razor-sharp selling skills – aligning your life for optimum success. 

This voyage is specially designed for professionals with at least 2 years of selling experience to established sales leaders, and even to those who may have already developed their own styles of comfortable engagement.

The Sales Psychologist will impart his trademark principles, helping you to discover deeper insights into your inner self – your value system, fears, desires, challenges and boundaries that limit your potential to enjoying real success. 

Learn to apply the power of Psychology to High Performance Selling, Persuasive Storytelling, Influential Negotiation and Dynamic Closing; and become the Superstar or Super Sales Leader that you were meant to be!

The Sales Psychologist will also spend dedicated and personalized sessions with each delegate to assess, develop and define the ideal Sales Identity, explore individual selling challenges or leadership difficulties, and prescribe inspiration advice to rocket you to the next level. Embrace the opportunity to discover the clarity of your self-being and experience the transformation of being able to focus on expanding the ability to influence your destiny.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to get achieve bottom-line results.

Why the DNA Sales Boot Camp is Important to Your Success

• Competition is fierce
• More competition than ever in today’s marketplace
• There are too many products and services available
• Buyers are constantly being replaced
• The competition is getting smarter
• Customers are more informed and misinformed at the same time
• It’s harder to get to decision makers
• Technology too often replaces face-to-face with customers
• Customers are overworked, overwhelmed and skeptical

Key Objectives & Outcomes

  • Comprehensive understanding of The DNA of Sales Superstars™
  • Achieve a positive change in your belief system and learn the 3 secrets of harnessing your natural talents and greatest sales potential
  • Discover and develop your ideal Sales Identity
  • Harness the natural talents and extend the strengths of your specific Sales Persona
  • Overcome Sales EQ gaps and mental barriers to reaching your ultimate potential
  • Embrace and harness the key principles around the five(5) essential competencies of Sales Superstars
  • Amplify what your selling style is all about and how to use it to your advantage
  • Match your style with your customers’ to increase sales
  • Identify your customer’s  values and motivators
  • Reinvent your personal “brand” and align your sales approach to brand differentiation
  • Take home proven sales strategies that can be apply immediately to increase your business by 200 %
  • Walk away with revived assurance and rejuvenated self-confidence to take impossible challenges face on