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The Greatest Fear of All Part 2

In the previous we highlighted the main fear of sales people – the fear of handling or managing objections. In that post, I touched on how this fear paralyzes a sales person to perform and give their best pitch. More often than not, we tend to view objections as something daunting. However, I have good news for you! Objections can actually be something to be welcomed rather than resisted. In this post we will identify the nature of objections and the two “misses” that might be obstructing you from reaching your full sales potential. Lets go! Firstly, you must recognize an objection when you hear it. Most objections fall into one of four categories: Product or Services The individual objects to some aspect of your product or service. Price The individual thinks your price is too high. Postponement The individual wants to avoid an immediate decision. Personal The individual doesn’t like your personal sales style or your company.   Hence, our objective is to measure the degree of opposition so that we can best respond to it. Objections come in various forms. For example, objections can come in these three norms: Questions “Don’t tell me it’s a direct selling business again???” Expressed They state it. Unexpressed They don’t even state it at all. eg. not interested without giving a reason, or someone doesn’t return your phone call for a long time eg. after you send them a brochure, letter, etc   Many times we are unaware that we caused the unexpressed objections ourselves. It happens as we fail in some key communication principles, a failure in articulating well enough or because we were not alert to notice... read more

The Greatest Fear of All Part 1

Eighty percent of the time the greatest fear of sales people revolves around the theme called “the fear of helplessness”. It’s that sinking feeling you get when you are unable to convince the customer either due to the inability to invoke interest or to give the proper response to the customer’s barrage of queries and challenges. The most common fear here is in the fear of handling or managing objections. 
When it comes to objections, it usually instills a sense of fear in sales people. We feel that we didn’t do our job properly, wasted our time/resources, and we might be on the verge of almost losing the sale. Many times concerns like these cause us to not respond at our best, resulting in a show of lack of confidence followed with hasty replies. In my experience, the seemingly most difficult objection is often the smallest of objections. For example the statement, “Your price is too expensive”. That to me, is actually one of the most common, but minor objection that anyone can get.  Often, we will lose the sale just because we succumbed to objections without adequately addressing them and giving up too soon. This is often called as a “knee-jerk” response. One that’s sub-consciously triggered by perceptions of misconception. And more often than not, wrong perceptions happen even before we finish our presentation.  However, objections are something that you should not be afraid of or feel uncomfortable with. On the contrary, we should be open and happy with the objections we get from our prospects. Appreciating the value of objections and understanding how to manage them is certainly... read more

Anyone Can Sell

That’s right, you read it, anyone can sell! No, I’m not pulling your leg, it really is that simple!   Now you might think that I’m too optimistic, idealistic or whatever you want to call it, but I want to convince you that selling is a process that everyone, and anyone can learn to embrace and expound... read more