“Great Salespeople don’t just Sell,
they help their Customers to Buy.”


A result of over USD10 billion of incremental revenue for Raymond's clients has been recorded so far. Raymond provides some of the best Sales Training Solutions in Asia that have helped revolutionize the Selling, Negotiation, Objection Handling and Closing Skills of aspiring sales teams.

I work with professionals and
market leading organizations
to develop bulletproof
sales strategies that drive
breakthrough results across Asia.

Raymond Phoon

"Raymond is a very skilled presenter. In the first few minutes he managed to get everybody’s full attention. He kept the the topic very interesting. I’ll certainly profit from his information sharing. He is certainly a benchmark in this.

The slides on Fear to Courage, Frustration to Excitement was one of the key-slides for me. Very good and inspiring. Right on the point! Very helpful."

Bormann, Alexander, Director of Sales, BWF Environmental and Industrial Technology, North China.

“A clear structure builds sustainable organizations. A great system helps drive right behaviors.

A shared vision creates true accountability and ownership.”

Raymond Phoon

Raymond is one of the top sales trainers in Asia, and perhaps in the world. His diagnostic approach and comprehensive methodology guarantees that your team will sell more.

He's a real class act, and I would JUMP at the opportunity to work with him. 

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, Best Selling Author - Guerrilla Marketing, The Guerrilla Group, inc